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Kerrie Campbell is all about the truth and fairness.

In a thirty-year career as a trial attorney, Kerrie Campbell has represented high-profile public figures, political leaders, business figures and corporations in the US and abroad. Her work focuses on defamation, reputation, regulation, commercial speech and unfair trade practices. Whether it’s an untrue story in the national press or the unfair application of a regulation, Campbell advocates for justice and a level playing field for her clients by providing a unique blend of professionalism, passion and confidence born of long experience. That’s the “grit” part.

In the midst of a perfect storm of publicity, emotion and very high stakes, Campbell creates a calm, thoughtful and focused environment in which Campbell and her clients can address and resolve issues and controversies. That’s the “grace” part.

Campbell represents companies, brands, public figures and individuals whose
reputations or business interests have been harmed by unfair characterizations by the media, the government, competitors or others. In this capacity, she has represented such well-known figures as Deepak Chopra, G. Gordon Liddy, Lieutenant Colonel Martha McSally and the Cato Institute. She has written for or been profiled by virtually every major national publication, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business Week, The National Law Journal, Fortune.com, and many others.

Campbell’s corporate practice focuses on helping some of the world’s most iconic companies manage the risks associated with manufacturing, sale, marketing and
distribution, including regulatory requirements and safety standards, reporting
obligations and development of policies to minimize product liability and class action exposure. On behalf of corporate clients, she has worked with a broad range of regulatory agencies, including the CPSC, FTC, FDA and the NHTSA.

Whether it’s a global business seeking a level playing field and fair treatment in the
marketplace or a prominent individual seeking basic fairness from the press, Kerrie Campbell works tirelessly to ensure transparency, accuracy and justice for all of her clients.

Or, “Grit, with grace”.